This is a lot. A White man who allegedly works for YouTube called police on a Black man waiting for his friend downstairs, believing he was dangerous. The Black man told him he’s going to be the next permit patty and is going to be on TV if he doesn’t stop. The man is now trying to hide his current YouTube employment by deleting it on Linked-In and other social media after the recording of him started going viral.

Wesly Michel, a Software Engineer was waiting for his friend downstairs outside of a condo. A white man called the police on him telling them that he was trespassing.

Michel started recording the incident telling him he’s going to be on TV, while still giving the man a chance to hang up. The man’s son also agreed with Michel stating that he believes Michel, and that his dad should stop.

The white man, whose name is allegedly Christopher Cukor, is currently trying to rush and hide his employment:

He deleted his work history on LinkedIn and other social media, but people got the screenshots before he could hide them. Here’s the video of the incident currently going viral on social media:

People are currently contacting Youtube and other places where he may work to tell them about his behavior.

Cukor initially didn’t believe Michel who told him he’d be going viral, nor did he listen to his son who seems to be more aware of incidents like this than he is, now Cukor’s videos have accumulated more than 10 million views across different social media websites.

Updated: July 27, 2019 — 6:38 am

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