A woman goes on a rant after the youngest black women to recently own a beauty supply store in California went out of business. They say they were rejected from purchasing supplies from Korean manufacturers.

Black Beauty Supply Store owners for decades now have been reporting that they’re unable to manage or succeed in owning beauty supply stores in their own neighborhoods; every time they try to purchase from manufacturers, they’re declined.

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There have been countless reports of asian manufacturers monopolizing the industry. They say the manufacturers know Black people are the biggest consumers of hair and beauty products and are rejecting them from owning those businesses to prevent them from having any power in the industry.

2 years ago in 2017, two black women, Kayla and Keonna Davis became the youngest women in California to own a beauty supply store.

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They reportedly went out of business because they weren’t able to meet the booming demand.

They say when they tried to purchase from Korean manufacturers the manufacturers rejected them.

A woman made a rant about it on Twitter:

There are many documentaries and many reports on the monopolization if the industry against black women, the biggest consumers.

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Updated: February 4, 2020 — 10:00 am

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