Younger students, Gen Z kids are now referring to the Corona Virus as the “Boomer Remover” in schools according to XFL’s Bailey Carlin, some parents and teachers.

“Ok Boomer” has become a controversial saying in the past year, and was started by millennials and Gen Zs as a way of replying to Baby Boomers and their opinions.

They created it because of the mindsets Baby Boomers have, like their views on jobs “being easy to get”, climate change, education “being cheap.”

According to scientists, and statistics, the elderly are the ones most affected by the virus, and their death tolls are much higher, while those who are younger, especially children aren’t affected much.

Extreme Football League’s (XFL) Bailey Carlin just went viral on Twitter for a post he made about boomers.

He said a relative of his who is a middle school teacher has informed him that students are now calling the Corona Virus the “Boomer Remover”, apparently because it affects the elderly much more.

Here’s the post:

Here are some of the reactions. Some parents also commented they’ve heard their kids saying it:



Updated: March 13, 2020 — 3:14 pm

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