YG was caught kissing another woman.

YG, who is known for being a colorist, making colorist comments, was caught cheating on Kelhlani, who claims she has empathy for darkskinned women but dated a colorist anyway.

YG who has stated multiple times publicly that he wants lightskinned babies, was caught kissing a woman who isn’t Kehlani outside of a nightclub in Los Angeles.

Someone recorded the entire encounter. The girl crouched down to speak to YG first, then sat on the edge of his seat and they started kissing.

As the woman pulled away to leave, he pulled her back in for another round of kissing.

Here’s the video:


The woman’s friend can be heard telling her to “Wrap this sh*t up b*tch.”

YG’s team has since released a statement saying that he was drunk on that night and is really sorry he hurt Kehlani. They stated that he has no romantic connection to the girl and it was just a drunken moment.

Kehlani has yet to respond to the situation as her fans wait for what she’s going to do next.

Just last month everyone was celebrating their beautiful relationship, and encouraging the fetishization of black men, and lightskinned women-darkskinned men relationships, it’s a shame it turned out like this, how tragic:


Updated: November 11, 2019 — 6:42 am

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