The Trump Department of Health and Human Services quietly finalized three rules that target Birth Control and Abortion.

Two new rules will allow empower non-profits, universities and employers to refuse birth control coverage to women. It was announced Wednesday.

There is also a 3rd new rule which was announced Wednesday.

The rule will require insurers on the Affordable Care Act marketplace to charge women a separate monthly bill for abortion. Advocates against this rule say it will allow insurances to stop the procedures completely, as it will be extremely expensive and prohibit women from getting an abortion.

Only a few churches and religious organizations were exempt from an ACA provision under the Obama Administration, forcing employers to offer insurance plans with coverage for birth control.

Now under Trump, the new rules that his Administration has unveiled that are set to go into effect in January 2019, would make it extremely easy for every single organization to deny coverage. Organizations will now be able to say they have “sincerely religious beliefs” or “non-religious moral convictions”, and would be able to, just from that, deny coverage of Birth control. Part of the rule states,

Entities that object to covering some, but not all, contraceptive items would be exempt with respect to only those methods to which they object.

  • The exemption is also applicable to institutions of higher education, insurance issuers to the extent they provide a plan to otherwise exempt entities, and individuals whose employers and issuers are willing to provide them a plan compliant with the individuals’ beliefs.


Updated: February 4, 2020 — 10:45 am

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