A woman whose body was found decomposing with no arms in a Bronx apartment’s death has been ruled a homicide.

Dominique Ben-David was found dead in a Bronx apartment, but investigators still don’t know the cause of death because of the body’s terrible decomposed condition.

Police were responding to an unrelated incident on April 11th inside the E. 187th St. building near Belmont Ave. They smelled an extremely foul odor coming from her apartment at around 2 A.M and decided to investigate.

According to a next door neighbor, Dominique shared an apartment with a man, another woman and a child.

The neighbor said they often heard screaming and what seemed to be a woman being beaten coming from the apartment but decided to mind their business. The neighbor stated:

“I don’t know who was beating who but it sounded like he was beating her. I was just trying to mind my own business, but I knew there was something a little off there. When the police showed up I knew that was the smell I was smelling … There were no arms, and the rats had started eating her. It’s just creepy.”

Dominique, basically predicting her own death, the last thing she wrote on social media on December 11th 2019 about her relationship was:

“This past ride was crazy. I still want him … I long for this danger wildman and this love will definitely be the death of me. I can’t stop going back for more.”

According to the neighbor she had been sharing the apartment for at least 6 months before she died.

Dominique was a very artistic student and had a lot to live for. Her mother, Shana Ben-David released a statement to the Daily News about her daughter:

“My daughter was beautiful and creative. She was everything. She drew, she danced, she sang. She was an artist. My daughter was sweet. She had a heart of gold. I want whoever did this to be held accountable.”

Updated: April 25, 2020 — 1:01 pm

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