A woman who spotted her baby-father at the gas station with another woman was shot in the head after trying to fight her. 

Tia Carey, 21, was riding in her car with her aunt and children in the backseat after picking her daughter up from school according to witnesses.

Tia then spotted her baby-father at a gas station with another woman in a car and went to confront then.

Tia got into an argument with her baby father while he was still in the car, then went to the passenger side where the woman, Tierra Posey was and opened the door and tried to pull Posey out of the car. Posey shut the door.

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Tia then managed to get into the car through the backseat window and started punching Posey from the back.

Posey got out and they started fighting. Tia’s aunt allegedly got out of the car and threw punches as well. 

The baby father pulled Tia back from the fight, and Posey went into the car, grabbed a gun and shot Tia in the head. 

Tia was rushed to a local hospital where she later died.

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According to police the shooting happened outside the Valero gas station at Minnesota Ave. and Ames Street NE, D.C, at around 3:35 pm.

The baby father grabbed the gun from Posey, put it in his pocket, grabbed the kids and left the scene, to allegedly protect them.

The people at the scene grabbed Posey and reportedly even sat on her to prevent her from trying to flee the scene as she tried to.

Posey was arrested and charged with second-degree murder while armed. 

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Updated: February 4, 2020 — 9:36 am

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