Would you try some “Coochie Mademoiselle by Shan Boodram”? Woman says when she wears coochie juice as perfume men flock to her, and encourages you to wear some p*ssy juice as well.

Sextologist Shan Boodram says when she wears vagina juice and goes out men can’t get enough of her.

She wrote a new book called “Game of Desire”, in which she discusses an experiment she ran with 4 clients. She had them put on Vagina juice which contain copulins, a chemical secreted by the vagina, as a fragrance.

Boodram said:

 “I instructed them to wash their hands, get in a stall and then move their finger around their vaginal opening. The goal was to get a sample from the Bartholin’s glands, which are the size of a pea but play a large role in vaginal lubrication”.

She told the women to apply a “good amount of wetness” to their pulse points and collarbones

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She says one of the women complained about it being sticky.

The women didn’t report to have remarkable success with the coochie juice on their bodies. She said one of the women reported a man leaning in close to her face, but this could’ve been because it was noisy.

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Boodram says the experiment was inconclusive, but the vagina juice she drenches her neck with absolutely works for her, and she personally had success as men flock to her when she’s out.

Boodram says:

“So while I’m not sure how effective this experiment is, I am certain that every single time I employ it, it makes me feel like an enchanted goddess with a delicious secret.”

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Updated: February 4, 2020 — 10:02 am

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