A woman shot her boyfriend in the face after he caught her sleeping with another man.

According to police, Tamara Chapman was sleeping with another man when her boyfriend walked in on them. The incident happened in Chicago.

It started when Chapman returned from grocery shopping with her boyfriend. When they got home, he left her there and took the car to return a blender they just purchased.

When her boyfriend returned to Chapman’s house he walked in on her sleeping with another man.

Angered, the boyfriend took Chapman’s car and drove to his own home.

Chapman called him and demanded that he return the car, which he did. But when he wanted to leave her house Chapman stopped him and pulled out a gun. 

The man says he wanted to take a Lyft back home but Chapman pointed a gun at him. Police say Chapman told the man:

“You’re not going to leave me or I’ll f*****g kill you,”

She then allegedly shot him in the lower jaw according to police.

Chapman was arrested at the scene but then released after paying $15,000 bail. Chapman is facing a count of attempted first-degree murder.

Updated: May 4, 2020 — 7:47 pm

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