A woman is claiming that she was beat by an entire bar for wearing a MAGA hat. And when she asked the Bartender for help, he choked her out too.

Haley Maddox posted a video on her instagram stating that she was attacked by “an entire bar of people, men and women included.”

She said she was with her friends who were also wearing MAGA hats, and they all got beat up as well.

Maddox said although her and her friends were all wearing MAGA hats, they did not go into the bar with the intentions of starting problems.

She said they were all out on a normal Saturday night to go enjoy themselves, saying:

“We were just wearing our MAGA hats our on a saturday, and we wanted to show our support for Texas independence week”

Here’s the video:

She later posted this on her IG page:

Other Trump supporters are currently speaking on her video:

She said the Texas police showed bias:

“[They] showed bias, in our opinion, towards us because we were Trump supporters and insinuated that this happened because we wore those hats,”

But other footage, according to the Austin American Statesman, shows that Maddox was drunk and belligerent on her night out. In the alternative footage that was posted she was shown following, screaming, and recording her alleged attackers, and police told her:

“You guys are following him, you’re recording him, it’s almost like you’re harassing him at that point,”

Another woman posted another video of what happened in the bar, saying

Updated: February 4, 2020 — 10:37 am

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