A woman is going viral after she posted a photo of her child with the caption “my non-mixed Black baby” to counter a lot of people who post their children with a caption on how they’re “mixed”. A lot of people cheered her on while others stayed mad. 

A woman named Theodora on Twitter posted a photo of her child and went viral.

 The caption read “Look at my beautiful non-mixed BLACK baby 😍.”

Here’s the post:

She made the post because she saw a lot of people posting their children with captions with the words “mixed” and specified the children are “mixed.”

When she did it with her child who isn’t mixed a lot of people who saw what she was doing cheered her on, while others got mad and even started posting pictures of their mixed children.

Other people who saw what she was doing joined in:


Updated: February 4, 2020 — 9:36 am

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