A man robbed a bank on his first date with a woman after he asked her to pull over in front of the bank without her knowing he’d be robbing it, and he pressured her to be the getaway driver after robbing the bank.

A Massachusetts woman became a getaway driver for a man she met on a dating app after he robbed a bank.

Christopher Castillo plead guilty this week to armed robbery and three counts of assault and battery on a police officer, which all resulted from him robbing a bank back in 2016.

He was sentenced to 3 years for the robbery, and 2 years for assaulting police officers who tried to subdue him.

The woman, Shelby Simpson, said she picked up Castillo from his parent’s home in Chepachet, Rhode Island and drove him 30 minutes east to North Attleboro Massachusetts. 

During the ride he told her to pull over at a bank. When he returned he was sweating, with sunglasses on, a hat, a gun, and $1000 in hand.

He then told her to “F**king go”. She said she panicked and did what he told her to.

As she drove she started hearing sirens and saw flashing lights. Police say she immediately pulled over and got out of the vehicle walking away slowly.

Castillo ducked from the police inside the car, and when they pulled him out that’s when he resisted arrested and spit on the cops, which landed him the extra 2 years. The cops found the $1000 in his wallet.

The woman was not charged, as she never met the man in person or anywhere else except for that very day.  

Updated: February 13, 2020 — 3:02 pm

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