A woman is seeking justice after she was fired when her co-workers started watching her OnlyFans account while at work.

A promising mechanic, 24 year old Kirsten Vaughn was fired after her co-workers discovered her OnlyFans account and started “using” it in the workplace. 

OnlyFans is similar to a social media website where users can subscribe to someone that provides them with content. In this case Vaughn provided people with adult material.

In an interview with BuzzFeed, Vaughn told the publication that she was on her way to becoming the first female master technician at Don Ayres Honda dealership in Fort Wayne, but was fired out of nowhere after her co-workers use of her onlyfans account in the workplace.

Vaughn said she mentioned her onlyfans account in her Instagram stories and not only did her co-workers start watching it in the workplace, they began sexually harassing her. 

Instead of the company taking action against the people who harassed her, she said they decided to get rid of her. 

Vaughn made a post on Twitter showing her regret alongside a video showing off her mechanic skills:

Jason Johnston who’s in charge of human resources at the dealership says she wasn’t fired for having an onlyfans, but for violating company policy, though he didn’t specify which policy was violated.

But Vaughn secretly recorded him and a general manager, John Watkins during a meeting. The two can be heard questioning her about her onlyfans account. 

There are currently a few rumors about Vaughn that suggest she was making videos of herself while on the job, and some of her even in her uniform, which is what Jason Johsnton may be referring to. 

As you can only access onlyfans pages if you subscribe, if those videos are actually there those could definitely be grounds for termination.

Here’s a video she posted explaining why she believes she was fired:

In one of the recordings Vaughn made, the two men can allegedly be heard discussing how her onlyfans page could harm the company’s reputation. 

Updated: April 26, 2020 — 2:09 pm

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