A woman has come forward saying that Waka Flocka cheated on his wife with her 6 days after his wife’s birthday.

Waka Flocka and his wife Tammy celebrated her birthday in the summer. The woman took to IG a few days ago and uploaded pictures of her with Waka Flocka:

She currently has her Instagram set to private.

La.Baam is a Dancer. She says she was at a bar when she saw Waka Flocka, and she approached him to ask him for a picture together. After taking the picture, she says Waka asked her to send the picture to him via instagram, he then proceeded to send a member of his security detail to escort her to the 25th floor of the hotel where he was staying. She says that when she arrived, Flocka Waka met her at the door while wearing pajamas, he then took her to a room where they slept together.

She says she tried to go through his trash. When the host asked her the reason she went through her trash, La Baam says she was trying to find the condom they used so she could have proof of what happened.

This situation aside, Waka Flocka admitted to cheating on Tammy in the past where he actually cheated multiple times. She called his cheating “off the chain”, stating that if he cheated again “all hell will break loose”, but stated that she now trusts him completely, because he changed tremendously:

I’m not going to lie. He was off the chain when I first met him and I didn’t know it. Once I found out the sh*t he was doing you couldn’t pay me to believe that was the man I was in love with because he never showed me that side. I’m not going to fake and act a certain way. No he was a dog a** n*gga. But, he has changed tremendously. When I say that I can’t emphasize that enough. When I look at him now I know there has to be a God because I know God has heard my prayers. Only God can change a man in the way that Waka changed.

Here’s the video of the exclusive interview of the new cheating allegations:


Updated: October 5, 2018 — 2:40 am

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