Woman caught twerking while shoplifting.

A woman was caught twerking while shoplifting. Police are now looking to identify the women in the video.

Two Florida women were caught on video stealing clothes in Pembroke Pines.

As one of the women put the clothes in her bag, she threw that ass in a circle.

It’s not clear whether one of the women twerked to divert attention away from her stealing, or to taunt the camera to show that she knows they see her stealing.

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The incident happened at a MadRag retail store on North University Drive as they started pulling clothes off shelves and shoving them into their bags.

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Officials say the women stole $377 worth of clothing during the incident.

Here’s the video:

Police have not yet caught the women. They have been looking for the women since April 26, and are now looking to make an identification.


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