A woman catfished men on a dating website a lot of men use to cheat. She blackmailed them for $130,000. One man paid up to $50,000. The text messages between her and the men have been released.

Shannon Lee, 21 years old, posed as a woman whose pictures she stole from the internet and signed up for a “Sugar daddy/Sugar Baby” website called “Seeking Arrangement”. She used the name “Sophie”.

She then sought out men and lured them into deeply sexual and embarrassing conversations. Lee then threatened to expose the men’s conversations to their wives, families, friends, and their companies if the men didn’t pay her a large amount of money. Lee conducted these blackmailings from the comfort of her own without ever having to take a step outside.

She has now been sentenced to jail for 32 months, the judge calling her:

‘cold callous and vindictive’

Here’s one of the conversations between her and the men:

Lee: ‘Show me you’re a decent human being, get the transfer done and then I MIGHT discuss things further and give you that information but until then the threat stands in place.

‘I’ll not reply now. I’ve told you how things will happen. You’ve got until 11.22pm.

‘It doesn’t matter who. I’ve told you enough. I don’t care what’s criminal and what’s not I need to keep a roof over my head, now I’ve given you an option, I’ll be in touch later after 11.22pm.

‘You’ll make the transfer or you’ll be exposed.’

Victim: ‘Exposed as what?’

Lee: ‘You know what I’m talking about. Now I’m done talking, if the transfer is not made by 11.22pm you’ll be exposed. Goodbye..’

The victim then tried to negotiate a lower price with her, to which she replied:

‘I’m not bartering with you. I don’t want to have to do it [expose you], but I will, believe me.’

The victim then paid up.

One of the victims she targeted paid her $50,000 dollars to not disclose information.

She would tell men:

‘tick-tock, time is almost up.’

Before they gave in and sent in the money.

Prosecutor Jane Terry said Lee would move to WhatsApp, an encrypted messaging app where the messages can only be seen by sender and receiver.

Terry said:

She began engaging in sexual conversation via Whatsapp, before demanding money from her victims.

‘If she didn’t receive the money, she said she would disclose the messages to family or friends.’

When Sentencing Lee, Judge Henry told her:

You got these men to engage in sexual conversations, which at the very least would be embarrassing to them or their family members and friends.

You said you would expose these men in an embarrassing way. You were putting pressure on those men to come up with money and you were cajoling them.

Blackmailing is an extremely serious and nasty offence. You were being cold and calculating and became vindictive.

You told the probation service that when you were doing this you were enjoying the thrill of putting pressure on these men.

You admitted you were being greedy and excited when you were scamming these people. You were controlling these men, that’s why this is a very serious offence.’

Updated: June 20, 2019 — 4:49 pm

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