Woman arrested after sending 159,000 text messages to man after first date

A Phoenix woman sent 159,000 text messages to a man after the first date.

Jacqueline Ades sent more than 159,000 text messages she met on a dating site.

Some of the messages were threatening, and no, no bots were used.

The messages were sent over a span of 10 months, making it hundreds to thousands of personal messages sent daily.

One day the man who she went on one date with saw Ades outside of his home. He called the police, and they escorted her off his property and let her go.

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Police say that’s when Ades started threatening the man.

One of her text messages read:

“I’d make sushi outta ur kidneys n chopsticks outta ur hand bones.”

In April 2018 she was arrested for trespassing inside his home when he was out of town. He saw her on a home surveillance video and called the police.

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Ades has pleaded not guilty to counts of Stalking and Trespassing.

They met on a dating site called “Luxy”, a dating site that caters to millionaires.

In a police interview she said,

It’s OK if that’s how [he] feels. Somebody else should love him. He has so much to love. He’s so cute. I can’t believe I scared him.

Ades trial is set to begin on February 5th 2019.


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