Willow Smith made a long post about a woman cheating on a man, and gave an explanation on how though the man trusted her, “trust is something that can’t be broken in the first place, and he should’ve trusted her freedom and not limited her, so there’s nothing wrong with it”.

Willow Smith took to IG and made a post that has a lot of people talking.

Some fans say they believe it describes the Smith’s, her parent’s marriage, teachings and ideology.

Fans say there’s a difference between an open relationship where everyone knows what the other in the relationship is up to, and a relationship where someone steps out when monogamy was agreed upon or established.

Willow Smith posted a story about a man saying he wanted to end his life because his wife cheated on him.

She gave an explanation on how “trust is something that by definition can’t be broken in the first place”.

Here is her post:

Fans are saying this is simply describing someone cheating on someone, and giving an explanation on how to view it as the victim of the cheating not understanding what “trust” is in the first place. Fans say it’s victim blaming, and a way to accept that “cheating” isn’t real in the first place, and that the definition she gave of “trust” is false.

While a lot of people are against what she said, there are also a number of people who agreed with her views:

Updated: February 4, 2020 — 10:00 am

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