White women threw a Botox party at their house which other white women attended, to get big lips and other injections. One of them is unhappy.

A woman named Rachael Knappier attended a Botox Party at her friend’s home, where she received a few botox injections to her forehead which apparently went well.

The 29 year old woman was then offered a discount on the Big Lips Botox portion of the party. She took it.

Rachael told The Sun:

“My friend had raved about this beautician and how great she was so I decided to go ahead. The beautician – who I assumed at the time was a nurse – didn’t ask me to sign any consent forms so alarm bells should have rung. But being at a party with friends took away all the seriousness of having filler injected into my face.”

Rachael said that the beautician had noticed a bump on her lip from a teenage injury and offered to inject some filler:

“To be fair, she told me to go and have a think about it in the kitchen but she’d found my weakness,”  she said. “My lip is the one thing that really bothers me about my appearance.”

This is how Rachael used to look

Rachael continued to say:

“She was visibly shocked, clamped her hands over her mouth, told me I was having an allergic reaction and that I needed to take antihistamine and get to [hospital],”

Rachael went to the doctor and was given several doses of dissolving agent into her lips that began to reduce swelling nearly 72 hours later. She now says her lips are returning back to normal.

Rachael then found out that the Beautician at the party was released from prison a few months earlier, and is now planning to take legal actions against the Beautician saying she was not qualified to give injections at a Botox Party her friends threw.

Knappier admitted:

“I would never go near a Botox party again. I’m cross that I didn’t do my research and just assumed that everyone who injects Botox and fillers has been to medical school, I could have had the same reaction to the filler with a doctor but the difference is that they would have known what to do to treat it.”

Updated: October 30, 2019 — 10:13 pm

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