Cameron Terrell, a white male from a wealthy white neighborhood, joined a crip gang in Los Angeles. Later, he drove 2 black males to a drive by shooting in his fathers luxury Mercedes Benz to a rival gang to do a drive by shooting. They spotted a young black male Justin Holmes and proceeded to kill him.

The 2 other black males in the gang are now in Jail, but Cameron was acquitted. The reason given for Cameron’s acquittal, by Jova Blackwell was his client’s “background, his family, where he resides, his school,” made a good story; He was fascinated with gang life, read books on gang life and gang violence, and he just wanted to see what it like, he didn’t know any better. The black male he helped murder was just a casualty of his research.

Though Cameron drove the getaway car, his attorney, Jovan Blackwell said “Cameron Terrell did not possess any weapons, he did not shoot anybody, he was not part of any conspiracy, or any plan or plot. … At best the evidence suggests that Cameron was a witness,”

“L.A. County Deputy District Attorney Adan Montalban attempted to argue that Terrell was a gang member who knew the intent of the two juveniles—who are black—when they allegedly shot and killed 21-year-old Holmes in rival territory. Holmes was with two other friends when they were approached by the two armed juveniles. Holmes told the attackers that he was not a gang member, but he did not survive. The two other men escaped without being harmed.”

Prosecutors also showed jurors video taken by Terrell that showed his friends kicking down candles left at a makeshift memorial in Holmes’ honor, to prove Terrell was part of the gang, and show that he knew exactly what was happening that day.

Terrell appeared in several rap music videos with local gang members and rappers further showed him being apart of the gang, but was still acquitted of all charges.

Now after the acquittal, Terrell says he now plans to study law because he didn’t know any better, and now has a new love for the field.

Updated: June 20, 2019 — 6:09 pm

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