A white student who thought black people weren’t going to do anything posted a racist Tik Tok video. Then tried to delete all his videos and social media. 

A student named Colby Howell posted a racist video on Tik Tok after a wave of other white people did the same but ruined their lives after Black Twitter posted the videos.

Howell thought he could do the same and he wouldn’t be touched.

As soon as he posted it someone posted his video to Twitter and people got to investigating immediately.

Here’s the video:


After posting the video, people were able to find his IG, his student profile, the school he attends, and the school he was just accepted to.

His school has its own IG page which posts students and the schools they were either accepted to or want to get into, and he’s apparently trying for Yale:

People are currently contacting Yale by phone and through all their social media to make sure he’s removed completely if he’s an applicant.

He’s since deleted all his social media, all his Tik Tok videos and traces of him online to prevent himself from being found.

People are now waiting for statements from Yale, his school and other programs he attends as the video exposing him gets more viral by the second.

His school removed his photo their IG page.

Updated: May 3, 2020 — 6:10 pm

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