A black man was trying to propose to his girlfriend, and before he could, a white security guard interrupts the proposal to accuse him and his girlfriend multiple times of stealing.

According to her call-out post on social media, Cathy Marie Hamlet, and her fiance Clyde Jackson were sitting at a table outside the Angry Orchard gift shop.

She didn’t know her fiance was about to propose, but as he prepared to, a security guard walked up to them.

Here’s what happened according to Marie:

They’ve turned off their review section on their page after getting one bad review from someone because of the incident:

So others proceeded to leave comments on other reviews they’ve gotten

People have now been leaving reviews on their Google Reviews page that shows up on the front page of Google when you search their business.

They released an “apology”, but with very careful wording. They said they “Replaced” the employee, they didn’t say they fired them:

Updated: July 27, 2019 — 6:36 am

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