White people are spamming The Honey Pot’s social media, Target, and review pages like Trustpilot and leaving bad reviews after they felt Target’s latest commercial was racist. People are now canceling out the bad reviews by leaving good reviews.

The Honey Pot, a feminine hygiene company, created a commercial with Target that spoke of how Target helped them, a black owned company, get their products out there and inspire other black women.

A lot of white people saw the commercial and felt that Target was “segregating” them, “creating a divide”, and “leaving them out.” Here’s the commercial:

Here are some of the reviews people are leaving:

People, mostly Black People, are now undoing a lot of the negative reviews by spamming her pages with good reviews:

The company went from about 2 stars to 5 stars this morning, and a lot of the negative reviews were removed as spam.

Updated: April 8, 2020 — 2:47 am

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