People got her up outa here within 4 hours after this white nurse went on a rant about black privilege.

Black people often speak about the dangers of hospitals and medics treating them in racist ways, from ignoring them, to having an internalized dislike for black people and giving them different and less effective medical treatments.

A white nurse took to social media to voice what a lot of white nurses and doctors keep to themselves.

She spoke about how black people are privileged because “no one” can speak against them, and they’re above scrutiny. She also mentioned that black people get “special scholarships.”

Here’s the video:

Here are more racist posts by the White Nurse:

Here is something even more disturbing:

People found where she worked and contacted the hospital:

The hospital released statements to people who contacted them, stating that the woman was fired and no longer employed there:

Updated: June 25, 2020 — 11:30 am

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