A white Physician Assistant was taken to court after his text messages about how he and his colleagues feel about Black people and other minorities leaked. He was read his text messages and had to confess to them under oath. He states all his other doctor and PA friends are just like him. The video of the deposition that took place on May, 17th, 2019, has been released and is going viral.

Karl Anthony Simon, a Physician Assistant had his calls and text messages leaked through an anonymous source.

The source reported Simon’s private conversations to the Team Health and Memorial Hermann Hospital chains in Houston on August 18th, 2018 according to reports.

According to news sources, the hospital, instead of firing Simon, publicly released the anonymous source’s name and Simon sued the source for defamation. Thankfully, the judge threw out the defamation case, and the source sued the hospital because they originally promised to keep his name anonymous.

After “learning more” when the video was released, and there was now public proof, Memorial Hermann CEO made a post on social media stating that Simon doesn’t work there anymore.

Team Health, Simon’s actual employer released a statement on their social media after seeing the video:

During the video, the lawyer reads him his text messages and shows Simon screenshots of his racist conversations. The lawyer then asks him if all his friends are that way, and if he’ll be able to provide text messages of other friends. Simon responds that they are, and he’ll be able to, and his lawyer then quickly objects.

During the video, Simon states that he isn’t racist, and called the messages “lockerroom talk”.

Here’s the video of the deposition:

The lawyer was shocked when Simon said that he wasn’t racist.

A lot of people actually believe they aren’t racist because they believe racism is going out and causing harm or something on that level. They don’t know that there are different types of racism, and their racism manifests itself in the workplace through many forms of discrimination. They believe they actually to do something physical to be racist.

Black people, especially black women die at a very high rate of untreated and misdiagnosed illnesses, and pregnancies. Racism and negligence play a huge part.

After the release of this video, a lot of black women revealed this is one of the reasons they prefer going to Black doctors, are scared of white doctors. This doctor’s entire friend group, who are also doctors, behave the same way he does, and it would’ve been kept in the dark if the anonymous source hadn’t come forward.

Updated: February 4, 2020 — 10:05 am

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