Video of Sergeant Kyle Holcomb giving 0.6 second warning before shooting Lorenzo Clerkley is going viral. The cop gives the black boy a “warning” and shoots multiple times almost before he finishes his sentence. There was no gun pointed at the cop, and the cop tells dispatch it may be a cap gun when he arrives to the scene before shooting.

The cops were called incorrectly to an abandoned house by someone claiming there was a burglary occurring at the house.

The cop arrived at the scene and immediately acknowledged that what he was hearing was a cap gun being fired.

The cop then proceeds to the fence, and sees a boy, Lorenzo Clerkley, shooting a BB gun by himself at no one, and gives a “warning”.

Almost before the cop finishes his sentence, he starts shooting, giving the black teen 0.6 seconds to “comply.

The shooting happened in Oklahoma, and the Oklahoma County District Attorney determined the shooting was justified.

Here’s the full body cam video, you can hear the sound of the fake gun that sounds like a cap gun:

Clerkley was charged $1300 for the ambulance ride which he can’t afford, and had to miss weeks of school to recover from his injuries.

Clerkley’s family doesn’t have medical insurance and can’t afford the medical bills, which the cops have been reported to have refused to pay.

Updated: June 20, 2019 — 5:45 pm

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