White school administrators laughed as they used a permanent marker to color in the  “M” in black child’s haircut.

A Houston couple, Angela Washington and Dante Trice have filed a lawsuit on Sunday against Pearland Independent School District in Texas.

Their child, 13-year-old Juelz Trice says the principal, the discipline clerk, and a teacher all participated in using a permanent marker to color in the “M” in his hairstyle.

The three administrators say the hairstyle violated the school’s dress code, which is the reason they used a permanent marker to color in the child’s hair to “fill out the M.”

Here is the school’s dresscode:

– Must be clean, neat and well groomed
– Distracting colors are not allowed.
– Mustaches, beards, or goatees are not allowed.
– Sideburns must be kept neatly trimmed and must not extend beyond ear level.
– Head coverings such as hats, caps, bandanas, or hair rollers are not allowed. (An exception will be made for
religious headwear)

The administrators told him they gave him a choice between calling his parents and receive disciplinary action or let them color his hair in with the permanent marker. Juelz stated he didn’t want the disciplinary action.

Juelz says the administrators laughed as they colored his hair in.

It’s a common practice among African-American and Hispanic boys’ culture to get fades, Caesars and buzzcut like hairstyles.

His parents filed the lawsuit saying that targeting the child and drawing with permanent marker in his hair was racist, and it left Juelz feeling extremely humiliated.

According to CBS the complaint reads:

J.T. felt extremely degraded and suffered at least great embarrassment, shame, anxiety and depression.

The lawsuit names Tony Barcelona, the principal of the school as one of the people who colored in the child’s hair.

The lawsuit also names discipline clerk Helen Day and teacher Jeanette Peterson as the two other defendants according to the child’s parent’s lawyer Randall Kallinen.

Juelz’s parents are seeking compensation for the incident, and want school administrators to receive training.

At the time of the incident, the school simply said an administrator had mishandled the situation. The school has not legally responded to the lawsuit yet.

Updated: February 4, 2020 — 10:05 am

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