People believe undercover groups are the ones setting fires to low income housing during the protests. They’re citing that similar things happened in Ferguson and Baltimore protests.

A few videos of people acting unusual during protests have been circulating after specific establishments that would be unusual for black people to vandalize have been destroyed.

Low income households for example have been set on fire, and people believe that looting is one thing, but black people wouldn’t set fire to random low income housing specifically.

After suspicion arose, the video below started circulating and showed a man that wasn’t making noise, wasn’t protesting, was very calmly walking from window to window tapping it with hammers systematically breaking the windows.

When he was questioned he just started walking away startled:

People were actually trying to stop him from breaking windows because the way he was going about it was extremely robotic.


Updated: May 29, 2020 — 12:14 am

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