A video of Shakira’s kids with a black girl is currently going viral.

Shakira’s sons were posted on social media touching on a black girl, and people are criticizing the video.

Shakira is married to a footballer named Gerard Piqué. The little black girl they were touching is the daughter of fellow footballer Nelson Semedo,

There was outrage online as the post went viral,

Here’s the video,

Here’s a GIF,

People are saying they wiped their thumb on her to see if something would come off.

They also kept playing in her hair an examining her.

They’re also saying they were treating her like she was at a petting Zoo.

Before anyone goes off into saying they’re kids, racism is learned at a young age, in the same way little black girls and boys have to directly deal with racism. Kids needs to be taught at a young age, and be exposed to kids of other races and ethnicities, and taught have to behave around them as well when of a privileged background.

This is the type of behavior that happens as kids that we don’t correct, then the white children grow up and continue to touch black women’s hair in public examining them, which we then complain about.


Apparently It’s the daughter’s mother who posted it on her IG Story, and she said it was one of Shakira’s children, and they were curious. She has since removed the video.

Updated: June 20, 2019 — 5:03 pm

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