A video of Remy Ma on February 19th 2019 predicting something will happen to Nipsey Hustle going viral.

Around February Nipsey Hustle announced he had a lot of plans for the black community specifically, and spoke on new projects he had in store.

One of the projects was a documentary he was working on.

During that time Remy Ma, in a part of her show brought up the topic of Nipsey Hustle doing things for the community, like investing in black neighborhoods and teaching black communities about banking, investing, and buying land/real estate.


Here’s the video of Remy Ma that’s currently trending with other videos on Twitter

The amount of people who believe his death wasn’t death related was already high, but is continuously growing.

They believe his death had to do with things he was doing for the community, and a documentary on Dr. Sebi, and about Dr. Sebi’s death he was working on.

A number of people of people also belief his death had nothing to do with any conspiracy, but say it all had to do with gangs, and that it was nothing more than a gang shooting, and people who are saying it had to do with things Nipsey was teaching the community are blowing it out of proportion.

Updated: April 1, 2019 — 4:39 pm

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