Kevin Hart and other black men gaslighting Lil Nas X on HBO’s The Shop going viral. Kevin and the other black men ragefully ask him  in a frustrated way “how could he be afraid of being gay/coming out”, and “why did he come out” “why did he feel the need to do it”.

Kevin Hart is under fire on social media for the way he and other black men acted towards Lil Nas X.

People are accusing the men for acting confrontational or frustrated towards Lil Nas X’s reasons for coming out.

Like Nas X said he was scared to come out, and a black man there and Kevin Hart angrily asked him asked him why.

He told the men it’s because he grew up being scared of being gay, and grew up in an environment where he was forced to hate homosexuality.

Lil Nas X was shocked that that was even a question, since homophobia is looked at as terrible in the black community, to the point where those in the LGBT’s lives get taken.

Fans are coming after Kevin Hart especially, since he made homophobic jokes in the past and condemned it himself.

Here’s the video:


Updated: February 4, 2020 — 10:00 am

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