Video of Cuba Gooding saying: “Somebody suck that baby’s d*ck” going viral

“Whatever they say Cuba Gooding did, he did that shit”, commentators said about the video. A video of Cuba Good saying: “Somebody suck that baby’s d*ck” going viral. Another woman shares a story about her experience in the club with him.

A video of Cuba Gooding jr is making more people convinced about the allegations against him. The video shows Gooding in the club on stage shouting:

“Somebody suck that baby’s d*ck”.

Here’s the video:

Here’s a photo of him at that club:

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Another woman shared a story of her experience with him at another club:

Cuba was recently accused of telling a female stranger to sit on his face and pee in his mouth, adding on to the groping allegations from earlier this year.

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