A video recently making rounds online is leaving people furious. A man is seen teaching black children phrases like “I’m a black monster (ni***r) and I have low IQ.”

The video clip posted online shows a man teaching kids how to put themselves down in Chinese.

Natives say that the Chinese are flooding different African countries, like Kenya, South Africa among others, taking over businesses, school systems and treat Africans like they’re beneath them.

Here’s the video:

African natives from different countries have reported how the Chinese have abused children, treated natives like dirt, slaves, and showed supremacy over them. 

Just 1-2 weeks ago, a video was released online that showed a Chinese man beating a Kenyan man like a slave for showing up late to work.

The video never went viral, and just stayed repressed online. Some Kenyans believe the video wasn’t spread because people felt they should show solidarity so that the videos don’t give off a negative image during the Coronavirus situation, which would add on to the negativity Asians are currently facing.

Here’s the video of the man showing up late to work:

Different countries in Africa have been trying to make the world aware of how the Chinese have been treating people in Africa.

They’ve reported the Chinese to have used their finances to buy up real estate, take over businesses, and pay Africans slave wages, physically abuse them, and demean the through education. 


Black people are also reporting racism they’re facing racism in China.

Last week a woman posted a video of a Chinese family holding their nose because her and her mother who are black came close to them:


Another woman uploaded a video this month as well showing how she was being treated in China:


Updated: February 18, 2020 — 4:13 pm

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