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Video of many Black Women wiping off R Kelly’s Tongue & Sweat During his latest Concert has the Black Community Talking.

There’s a video that was posted where black women were caressing and wiping off R.Kelly’s face.

When the video was posted, people tried to bring up his allegations, but many women started defending him, saying things like “they never brought charges”, “he was never charged for those things”, “those women lied on him”

Here’s the video

R.Kelly had recently released a song called, “I admit”, literally admitting to a lot of his allegations.

Even in those comments, as he admitted to so many things, women were still defending him,

The Black community is currently discussing (a discussion had many times before), how we let black men in R&B and Rap get away with many things like sexual harassment, hurting black women, domestic violence, degrading of black women among other things, simply because they enjoy their music, their support for the man continues, perpetuating and allowing actions such as his to continue within the community.

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