A teacher has faced a lot of criticism after a video of her started going viral.

Nerissa Reaves is a college professor, and also a model. She recently started getting a lot of backlash after she recorded herself during one of her teaching sessions.

On her Instagram, @TheHoneyLoaf, she promotes her brand as beauty and brains,

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I’ve spent a lot of time over the past couple of years showing social media one aspect of my life. Yes, I know I am a “sexy vixen type” (as others claim) but there is so much more to me. You wanna know what I really do? This is what I do. I teach people to read! I own businesses and so much more. As you can see in the first clip here, my students were learning the alphabet. By the last clip, my students were reading! All of this happened over the course of this past semester. I get a lot of push back from people who say that teaching conflicts or contradicts my “look” and my image. When in actuality, I am just a rarity who has so many dimensions that it’s difficult to categorize me. #genius #models in the building.

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One of her latest videos has gotten extremely popular, and has caused a lot of people to go to her instagram page and leave foul comments, calling her things like a “A hoe”, that she “Shouldn’t wear those types of clothing”, she’s “Doing it for attention”, and telling her “How would the students focus” “It’s a learning place” “It’s distracting”.

Here’s the video, and what she had to say,

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I’ve been seeing one of my lives floating all over social media because apparently my jeans are a topic of conversation….again. So, let me start off by saying that I teach at a local college and therefore, all of my students are adults. Additionally, I am allowed to wear what makes me comfortable and I love jeans and heels! Nothing wrong with that. Forgive me for not wearing baggy jeans from the 90’s. Where would I even buy those? Tons of professors at my school wear jeans and heels. Yes, I understand that my shape causes a lot of attention on social media but in real life it’s a bit different. My students focus on the lectures and lessons and they all work hard to achieve results. Is it a bit different that I’m a teacher who also has a social media presence and models? Sure. I’m sure that’s quite unique because that’s not something you see often. However, that’s what makes me who I am-my range, depth and multi-faceted capabilities. I think it’s awesome that I’m not like every other teacher and that I can’t be boxed into categories traditionally defined by society.

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She also took the time to clear up some news that lied about her being fired, saying that the teacher was fired for having “Too much booty”:

Nerissa Reaves said,

“The premise of this doesn’t even make sense. Discriminating against men or women based on their looks is illegal. Where did this lie come from? I am very much still employed with even more job opportunities that have come to the table since this whole issue arose a few days ago.”


Updated: June 20, 2019 — 5:51 pm

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