A teacher has faced a lot of criticism after a video of her started going viral.

Nerissa Reaves is a college professor, and also a model. She recently started getting a lot of backlash after she recorded herself during one of her teaching sessions.

On her Instagram, @TheHoneyLoaf, she promotes her brand as beauty and brains,


One of her latest videos has gotten extremely popular, and has caused a lot of people to go to her instagram page and leave foul comments, calling her things like a “A hoe”, that she “Shouldn’t wear those types of clothing”, she’s “Doing it for attention”, and telling her “How would the students focus” “It’s a learning place” “It’s distracting”.

Here’s the video, and what she had to say,

She also took the time to clear up some news that lied about her being fired, saying that the teacher was fired for having “Too much booty”:

Nerissa Reaves said,

“The premise of this doesn’t even make sense. Discriminating against men or women based on their looks is illegal. Where did this lie come from? I am very much still employed with even more job opportunities that have come to the table since this whole issue arose a few days ago.”


Updated: June 20, 2019 — 5:51 pm

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