A video of a pastor resurrecting someone from the dead is currently going viral online.

Pastor Alph Lukau went up to a dead body, and was surrounded by witnesses.

As the crowd was in complete disbelief at what he was about to do, he continued.

Pastor Lukau gathered the people around, and in doing so also gathered the power of Christ.

In complete awe of the power that was about to be displayed here today, an old black woman overtaken by the power of Christ let out a subtle but powerful “Jeesuhs”.

Here is one footage of the video, but a warning, the content is… Heaven sent:


My computer shook off the table as the video played, compelled by the power of Christ. The good people were then asked to paid their tithe/money to the church.

But of course, haters will say it’s staged, for example:

Oh ye of little faith, have you never heard of rigor mortis?

And then there are these people, laughing at the man who raised from the grave,

Soul gets lost sometimes, ever heard of limbo? Jesus take the wheel and save them, they don’t know sometimes you need connection to ask for directions on the way into the gates.



Lol conspiracy theories.

Anyway welcome back from the dead, enjoy your meal king, it’s not everyday one rises from the dead

Updated: June 20, 2019 — 4:55 pm

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