A video of an Asian man ordering baby mice off a menu, dipping them in a sauce and eating them alive at a restaurant is now trending. 

People are currently scared after the Corona Virus has just been announced as a state of emergency, after it was said to be caused by people eating Bats dipped in soup in China. 

A video now has people even more worried after an Asian man was seen eating live baby mouse.

A man is shown with more than 5 live baby mice in his plate, and seems to be eating at an actual restaurant off the menu.

The man then dips the baby mice in a sauce then proceeds to eat then alive.

Normally these types of videos don’t actually go viral, but are now a concern because of the types of diseases being spread and rice themselves being knowing for carrying deadly diseases.

Here’s the video:

The video video was brought to light after recent controversy. 

A separate video showed a woman eating bats also went viral recently.

Although it’s not clear where the video takes place, the dish is said to be a banned delicacy in South East Guangdong China in backstreet restaurants. 

People are also sharing videos like this one in concern for the types of animals being eaten:

Updated: February 4, 2020 — 9:31 am

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