A gay man went off on an immigrant woman telling her that she’s a bxtch and that trump will be deporting her and her cousins.

The man, who apparently doesn’t know the amount of actions trump has taken against the LGBT community, verbally attacked an immigrant woman.

The man said the woman needed a gay friend because she was ugly, and the gay friend would help her with her makeup.

He called the woman an ugly tacky stanky skanky bxtch, mentioned that trump will deport her cousins, and that this is his country. Here’s the video:

The internet is currently trying to identify the man in the video so that he may pay for his actions.

The man screamed lewd comments at the woman while her daughter was in the car, and apparently thinks Trump is on his side. People also believe that the way he was continuously scratching his face, the man may have been on crack or an illegal drug. On the matter of him believing trump is on his side the internet is currently asking, “Who wants to tell him?”

Updated: October 27, 2019 — 7:52 pm

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