A video of an Asian woman being racist to black guests and asking them “Which monkey is sleeping on the couch?” then kicking them is out currently going viral. The woman said, “You are all criminals! I don’t feel safe in my home!”. Her face is spreading around the internet and AirBnb is getting tagged.

AirBnb hosts have a history of being racist to Black people. To the point where last year, a group of black men created their own business similar to AirBnb after suffering racism multiple times.

An Asian woman is now going viral for kicking black guests out after calling them “Monkeys”.

The incident didn’t happen overseas, but right here in the United States in New York City.

People have been tagging AirBnb on twitter and other social network to try to get the Asian woman removed from the program.

Here’s the video:

The men gave an explanation of what happened that day:

Last night, a group of my friends reserved an Airbnb in NYC, and encountered a racist and rude host.
They arrived to the @Airbnb, and were harassed several times before being thrown out at 2 am. Her reasonings were because she felt unsafe, they were going to steal and destroy her property, and then told them to “Get the fxck out of her house immediately!” They cooperated and began to pack their things to leave.
As they were packing, she busts in the door with a camera. They asked her to at least respect their privacy while packing since someone had gotten out of the shower. She yells “No, it’s my house. Get the fxck out! You are all criminals! I don’t feel safe in my home!” She later asked them “Which monkey is sleeping on the couch?”

She became so angry, rude, and disrespectful that they had to call @NYPD because they weren’t sure if she’d attack them while trying to leave.
They eventually found a hotel, and had somewhere to crash for the night, but PLEASE share and repost this story/video. Our hope is that someone else doesn’t have to encounter a racist Airbnb host like Kate. Might I add these gentlemen are gainfully employed lawyers, business owners, code developers, etc. I live here in NY so protesting outside your home, Kate, ain’t no thang, baby.

Updated: June 20, 2019 — 4:42 pm

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