One of Usher’s Accusers, Laura helm, wants the lawsuit she has with Usher to be continued as she’s firing back, saying Usher is trying to put the blame on her.

She previously sued him, but dismissed the base voluntarily.

Laura claims that the actor kept “Overtly and continuously seeking a sexual interest” with her when they were platonic friends, where it led to them sleeping together twice. She says she used a condom once with her, but not the other time.

Usher filed documents demanding that the case be thrown out, saying that Helm assumed any risks when she allegedly engaged in unprotected casual consensual sex.

He said that she:

“is silent as to whether she brought a condom to his hotel room, asked him to wear a condom (to which he refused), and/or even discussed the use of a condom or other protection with him.”

Saying that she never mentioned having herpes or provided her sexual history, that she may have gotten it from an old partner.

She wrote:

“Defendant audaciously requests this Court to support his self-serving notion that an individual infected with an incurable virus owes no duty regarding his ‘hidden defect’ to a potential sexual partner.”

She says that the person with the STD is the one that’s supposed to disclose it, and not place blame on anyone else for not bringing a condom, saying that especially since he had an STD, for him to suggest that she had to bring a condom means that he believes safe sex responsibilities falls solely on women. She says that his motion to dismiss is a “Shallow attempt at trying to divert all the responsibility away from him.”

Updated: August 8, 2018 — 9:03 pm

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