“Confessions part 3”? A video of Usher going on stage has fans believing he’s singing about a “sickness” he has.

In 2017 two women and a man filed a lawsuit against Usher claiming that he exposed them to an STD. 

During the time of the lawsuit Usher pleaded with a judge to seal his private medical records that allegedly stated he infected them with herpes without disclosing that he had the illness.

In December Usher finally wrapped up 😉 the final legal battle relating to the $20 million suit.

People believe that the singer is singing about that “sickness” in the video. 

Today fans are in shock after he took to the stage and sang about a “forever illness” he got from “f***ing around.”

Here’s the video:




Updated: March 3, 2020 — 8:36 pm

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