Update: Police say the mentally ill girl who was jumped by other girls may have also been r*ped right before or after the assault.

Police say the 15-year-old mentally ill girl who was set up by a “friend” and was jumped by other girls may have also been raped right before or after the incident occurred. Police give an update about everything they currently know about the incident.

Yesterday a girl made a post about her friend Janise Harris going missing after a group of girls set her up and jumped her:

Police have held a press conference and gave an update on what happened.

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According to Chicago Police Department’s Jose Jara, Harris’ friends were planning to “meet up with a guy to have some type of relations with,” and Harris was against the plan.

Harris then approached police to try to “Let them know what was going on”, and according to testimony from Harris the girls stopped her.

Jara said the police are now investigating if Harris was sexually assaulted, and said that that may be the case “based on initial testimony from the victim herself.” He said:

“It seems that’s the route it’s going,”

Jara said it’s not clear whether the sexual assault happened before or after the video.

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According to police, she was found by concerned citizens and her father, and was treated and released at Comer Children’s Hospital.

Here’s the video of the press conference:

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