In an update on Dababy’s arrest, it’s alleged that he robbed a promoter and poured apple juice over him. An alleged video of the actual robbery was released.

A video was trending yesterday after Dababy was seen being detained by police.

It was first reported that Dababy wasn’t being arrested, but was just being questioned about a robbery. 

Now it’s reported that Dababy was involved in the robbery after a promoter allegedly stiffed Dababy of money he was owed.

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According to the report Dababy asked to perform that night for $30,000 but was given $20,000 instead after the performance.

Dababy and a friend of his allegedly beat up one of the producers and poured apple juice over him after demanding the money.

Dababy also allegedly robbed him of an iPhone7, a credit card, and $80.

His battery charge was set at $1500, and a spokesman for the Miami-dade told the Miami Herald that Dababy will be kept in custody until further notice. He’s due to appear in court on January 3rd. 

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