UBER Calls someone a NIGG*R on Twitter while replying to them.

Uber is currently apologizing for calling someone a NIGG*R while replying to their tweet on twitter.

A twitter user complained to Uber today saying they needed their money back because they had an “Awful driver”.

Uber responded to their post, and twitter is currently going crazy.

Here’s the post the account made:

Uber responded saying:

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After the tweet started going viral it was deleted with people enraged at what happened:

Uber publicly responded after the tweet was getting out of hand saying they apologize, and they’ll be investigating:

Some responses on the apology tweet

Update: People believe the person who made the comment to Uber initially had his name as “Nigg*r”, and Uber was apparently using a bot that gives an automated response with the person’s Twitted name. The person who posted the comment is said to have changed his name automatically when when Uber responded.

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