A man is claiming Tyson Fury paid him to falsify evidence after Tyson tested positive for a banned steroid.

Fans are now in doubt of Tyson Fury steroid excuses and fighting history after a man came forward. 

Back in 2015 Tyson Fury tested positive for the banned steroid “nandrolone”  in his system after a win over Christian Hammer, he was put under investigation.

During the investigation a Lancashire farmer, Martin Carefoot, came forward and stated that he sold Fury an uncastrated wild boar.

Apparently the boar can give off the same readings the banned steroid does during a test.

Fury blamed the test results on the wild boar he claimed the farmer saved him.

The same farmer has now come forward and is claiming that he was promised £25,000 pounds and told to lie to the public that he sold Tyson Fury the uncastrated wild boar.

Carefoot says he was never paid what they promised him for falsifying the evidence.

According to the Daily Mail, the UK Anti Doping agency has been made aware of the claims and are now investigating Tyson Fury for the allegations.

Fury’s future in boxing is now in jeopardy as he faces a lifetime ban.

The UK Anti Doping agency gave a statement to the Daily Mail:

We will always review any potential evidence in relation to any anti-doping offence, and take investigatory action where necessary. If anyone has information that could be of interest to UKAD and its investigations on any matter, we urge them to contact us.

Carefoot gave this statement: 

I just went along with it, and they always dangled this carrot that I was going to get paid. When things got quite serious, they offered me a sum of money before it went to court in London, and a sum of money after. I went along with them because, I suppose, in my own way I was just helping them out.

He continued:

I have never kept wild boar. I have never killed a wild boar.

Fans are using this situation to bring up other cheating allegations from Fury’s past matches.

Updated: April 13, 2020 — 2:20 am

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