Tyra Banks is under fire for the things she did during America’s Next Top Model that we all overlooked because we were too young to understand. 

Tyra Banks did some terrible things during America’s Next Top Model that people are now realizing. 

There was even a thread a few years ago of the types of things she did, but after those threads and videos disappeared online, some believe her team must’ve scraped them to save her reputation. 

People are now saying that Tyra Banks was the terrible person she made Naomi Campbell out to here.

Here’s the video that got Tyra trending and resurfaced other videos:

The woman won the season, but also ended up closing her gap:

People became even more furious after she had a white woman’s teeth shaved in a future season because it signified beauty:

Updated: May 6, 2020 — 4:49 pm

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