Twitter is losing it after Minnesota Freedom Fund revealed they used $200k out of $35million of donations to bail people out.

People are complaining after the amount of money that was used by the Minnesota Freedom Fund to bail people out seemed extremely small compared to the amount donations they received.

For about a week now people have actually been posing the question of how all the donation money companies are receiving is being used, and expressing concerns of it being misused or ending up in the wrong hands.

When people demanded that Minnesota Freedom Fund be transparent with donors, they released a statement saying their values haven’t changed since 2016.

Here’s their post:

And then, it started:

Other people are saying that funds actually take a while to get through and be distributed, and that Minnesota Freedom Fund is a very small company and wouldn’t be able to get that much done in a few weeks with that much money:

Updated: June 28, 2020 — 3:43 am

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