Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey sent Beard Shavings to Azealia Banks so she could make him an Amulet to Protect him from ISIS.

It’s been revealed that Jack Dorsey sought out Azealia Banks witch services so that he’d be protected from ISIS.

ISIS made a video back in 2016 threatening the CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey for closing their accounts,

No one noticed, but back in 2016 Azealia Banks made a post on her twitter account, which is now deleted, where she mentioned having his hair in an envelope.

The incident arose after she claimed that Dorsey told her to tweet about his app called “Square Cash”, what we know as the Cash app, “Cash”. In return for tweeting about his app, he was supposed to promote her new album at the time called “Slay-Z” and he apparently didn’t hold up his part of the deal.

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She went on twitter to rant, and in her rant, people laughed at this part of her rant and took it as a joke, it fell and went over everyone’s head:

“He also sent me his hair in an envelope because I was supposed to make him an amulet for protection. I’m about to hex this n*gga. I have 3 strands of a billionaire’s hair. I should steal his luck.”

Azealia Banks is known to practice witchcraft.

Now the tweet has come back up after Vanity Fair writer Nick Bilton, a writer who’s written a book about Twitter, confirmed the event as true. On December 14th 2018, Nick Nilton wrote,

“A source who worked with him told me Dorsey had sent a rapper his beard shavings to make him an amulet that would protect him from evildoers (ISIS).”

Azealia’s Bank’s name was mentioned left out of the report, but people quickly made the connection that it was her, remembering that she said she had Dorsey’s hair in an envelope.

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Apparently, scared of the threats that ISIS made, Nick Bilton is reported to have sent his beard shavings to Azealia Banks, so she could put together a spell that would protect him from harm.

Social media is currently going over all her old tweets that they once ignored.


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