A man is suing Amazon because girls on the twitch platform wearing revealing clothes made him injure his dick and his c*m broke his computer.

A man is suing Amazon for injuries he sustained while on their Twitch video game streaming platform.

Erik Estavillo, the plaintiff in the case suffers from a lot of illnesses, like depression, OCD, and Crohn’s disease.

Because of these illnesses his main form of entertainment is the internet, and the Twitch platform where he’s been a member for years.

Estavillo states that the women on the platform that he finds attractive because they wear revealing clothing have caused him injuries, and have taken away the one platform where he feels most comfortable.

He’s calling for the ban of all women wearing revealing clothing on the app, and seeks $25 million if they aren’t banned.

Estavillo has previously purchased a fleshlight which he never used until recently when he couldn’t take it anymore and had to start rubbing some out.

According to him the fleshlight that he now uses often, chafes his pen*s because of the amount of times he mast*rbates, causing redness and mild infections at the tip.

He states that he got bloodshot eyes because he stays up all night and stares at the brea*sts of the female streamers. He said that eye drops do nothing to hide his shame from parents and friends, causing him further embarrassment and isolation.

Estavillo also mentioned that he ejaculated once while looking at a woman on the platform, and it landed inside a crevice on his PC monitor which caused a small fire within the electrical rig of his gaming system, which lead to a temporary blackout in his apartment.

Here are some of the women listed as examples in the lawsuit:

Estavillo who follows no male streamers and followers 786 female streamers says he’s losing control of himself and the list keeps growing.

Estavillo filed the lawsuit in Santa Clara on June 15th.

Updated: June 25, 2020 — 11:14 pm

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