Tupac Shakur has been arrested for meth possession, pulling knife on police, and other charges.

Police in Tennessee have arrested a man named Tupac Shakur after they say he pulled a knife on them, and methamphetamine was found on him.

The Johnson Police department received a call about Shakur, who had a warrant out for his arrest from another police department in Bristol.

When they arrived at the scene they found Tupac inside of a car. When officers tried to arrest Tupac he pulled away and reached for his waistband. 

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Tupac then took out a knife and pointed it at police officers before they took him down.

The police report states that they found a syringe and baggies of meth on Tupac. 

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Tupac A. Shakur was charged with aggravated assault, simple meth possession and having unlawful drug paraphernalia.

Pac is being held at the Washington County Detention Center on a $18,000 bond, and is set to be arraigned Monday afternoon, the release said.

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Updated: February 4, 2020 — 9:55 am

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